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Direct Primary Care Fees

To offer affordable health care to our Colorado patients, The Golden Stethoscope operates on a simple monthly fee:

Age 18+

  • This fee will be charged every month for the 12 month contract period.

As healthcare costs across the nation increase, we wanted to offer something different. That is why you will find an alternative option for affordable health care in Colorado at The Golden Stethoscope. By using a direct primary care model, we have removed third-party insurance companies and traditional fee-for-service payments. These decisions lower the cost of our overhead and lead to lower pricing for you.

If you choose to cancel your healthcare membership with us before the 12 month term has ended, you are responsible for paying the remainder of the annual contract or the difference between services already rendered and payments already made. Patients who cancel membership will not be able to re-join the clinic for a year.

Additional Fees

Our monthly DPC costs do not include:

  • Medications (both those taken at home and medications used inside the clinic)
  • Laboratory testing (the cost of running the test by the laboratory)
  • Radiology studies (these charges are negotiated at low cost)

Most importantly, all prices will be discussed with and approved by you before any fees are incurred. We plan to be completely clear and transparent so there aren’t any surprises when you check out.


We don’t take any form of insurance for the services our office provides. Instead, the direct primary care fee paid to The Golden Stethoscope each month will cover the costs of receiving care at our practice. There are no copays for visiting our doctor and no deductibles for in-office treatments.

Though we don’t take insurance, most medical plans will still allow you to get your medications, labs and radiology studies through your insurance if you desire.  We can help you figure out the most affordable health care option in any of these situations. Learn more about what services are included with your direct primary care membership.

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