Dr. Amber Wobbekind, Direct Primary Care Physician

  • Undergraduate: UCLA | Psychobiology Major
  • Medical School: University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • Residency: George Washington University | Primary Care Internal Medicine
  • Masters: Johns Hopkins University | Public Health and Tropical Medicine
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About Dr. Amber Wobbekind and The Golden Stethoscope

I am a Colorado native fortunate enough to move to the Denver and Golden area in 2015 to open my own direct primary care practice.  I love living along the Front Range with Colorado’s incredible nature in my backyard.

After years working in the traditional healthcare industry, starting my own practice and working as a direct primary care physician is a dream come true for me.  I can’t wait to spend my time practicing medicine with my patients in a way that is meaningful, preventative and goal-oriented.  I work similarly to a concierge doctor but charge a lower monthly retainer fee to ensure that The Golden Stethoscope is an affordable option for patients.

Direct Primary Care Physician Denver

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Why I Chose to be A Direct Primary Care Physician

In current insurance-based doctors’ offices, doctors don’t get paid unless patients walk through the door for a visit.  Unfortunately, this creates a situation where doctors need to take on thousands of patients, leading to long wait times to see your doctor and very short visits when you finally arrive. Additionally, patients often can’t talk to their doctors on a regular basis or outside office hours. During office visits, patients may feel rushed through the appointment and unheard by a doctor who doesn’t know them personally. Because we use a concierge or direct primary care model, your healthcare experience will be completely different at The Golden Stethoscope.

I love working as a direct primary care doctor because it provides me and my patients the unique opportunity to collaborate on what’s truly important: your health.

Instead of focusing on how many visits I need to see you to keep my doors open and whether we should add another blood pressure medication to get your numbers just right for insurance reimbursement, we can focus together on keeping you truly healthy and happy. You may choose to see me in the office, but you may also email or text me after hours about anything from blood pressure readings to a recent health article you are interested in knowing more about.  I will also focus on finding lifestyle changes that work for you, rather than piling on another medication to meet health goals.

When I moved to Golden, CO in 2015 and decided to become a direct primary care physician serving the Denver area, I was instantly certain of the name I would choose for my practice.  “The Golden Stethoscope” is special to me because I won a teaching award from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 2014 called The Golden Stethoscope Award.  I was nominated for this teaching award by my medical student, Amy.  You can see the framed copy in my office lobby of the letter Amy wrote on my behalf for the award.  I can think of no better name than The Golden Stethoscope to represent the outstanding level of care and commitment you will receive from me, both rooted in the past and reaching out toward the future.

If you have any questions about how a direct primary care physician or concierge doctor can improve your healthcare experience, please feel free to contact Dr. Amber to learn more.
You can also visit us in person at our office in Golden, CO, just 20 minutes west of downtown Denver. Our location is convenient to other surrounding towns including Lakewood, Genesee, Evergreen and Arvada.  

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