What is different about The Golden Stethoscope?

We started this practice to do medicine differently, by starting with the patient.

We had a few simple goals when starting the business:

  • Change the focus of the practice to the patient
  • See and communicate with patients according to their schedules
  • Communicate with your doctor in the manner most convenient and appropriate for: in-office visits, phone calls, text messages, email or virtual visits
  • Offer great value for your money

We are also open to and excited about change. We want this clinic to be the best medical experience you have ever had. If anything could be done in a better way for a patient, we’d love to hear about it.

Do you accept insurance?

We don’t accept any insurance including commercial, Medicare or Medicaid.  In order to keep our costs lower and, thus, monthly fees as low as possible, we don’t accept insurance.

How many patients do you see?

Our practice is limited to 700 patients per provider. Once a provider reaches that limit, no new patients are accepted for that provider unless another patient leaves the practice. We keep this low number to make sure we can provide top quality care to you. For reference, a typical primary care practice can have upwards for 2,000 making individualized care like we provide nearly impossible.

I only see a doctor once a year for my physical. Will this be worth it for me?

Even if you are very healthy, you may find yourself using the doctor for things you didn’t previously imagine. You may find that you no longer make a long list to present to your doctor annually. You can just call, email, or text when you have questions about supplements or trying a new diet.

Additionally, our goal will generally be to have you on as few medications as possible so there may be ways to clean up your medication regimen and improve your overall health. We would far prefer to see your general health improve by helping to improve your exercise rather than adding a medication to decrease your blood pressure.

It is impossible to guess when an unexpected accident or illness will take you to the Emergency Room. Many of these issues can be handled in the office instead avoiding crowded, expensive ER or Urgent Care visits.

Members will also receive discounts on other health related services as they become available.

What does my monthly fee pay for?

You can find all of the services included in your monthly membership under the “Services” tab.

What if I need to cancel?

When you join the practice, you sign a contract for a year membership. If you leave before the end of those 12 months, you will be responsible to pay the remainder of your 12 month membership or the or the difference between services already rendered and payments already made.

If you need to cancel your membership, you will not be eligible to join the practice again for a year. If the practice is full when you desire to join again, you will be placed on a waiting list in the same manner as a new patient.

What is your policy on narcotic pain mediation?

We prescribe narcotic pain medication (opiates) only for conditions that the FDA has approved. This means that we generally don’t use these medications to treat chronic pain unless it is due to cancer. We do not prescribe these medications even if another doctor has prescribed them for you before. We feel that these issues are best handled by pain specialists.

We believe there are many other ways to treat chronic pain and are happy to work with you to figure out the best options for you.

Do I still need to have insurance?

Yes. At the present time, the law still requires that you carry insurance.  You also will want insurance in the event that you need to be hospitalized, have a severe accident requiring Emergency Room level care, or need to see an expensive specialist.  Your monthly fee only covers services we provide personally.

Most doctors who practice Direct Primary Care recommend that you at least carry catastrophic wraparound insurance which can be purchased through the exchange at www.connectforhealthco.com.  Direct Primary Care can certainly work as a great compliment to some of the higher deductible plans.

Contact Us

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