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A unique membership medical practice in Golden, CO where the sole focus is you and your health.

Our membership medical practice removes third-party insurance companies so the doctor can focus on what matters most: you and your health. With an affordable monthly retainer fee, our patients can receive care at our doctor’s office up to 20 times a year without needing to worry about copays or deductibles.

Our doctor is also available nearly 24/7 to answer questions over the phone, via text or through email. Our goal is to develop a real relationship, which meets your healthcare needs in the best way for your lifestyle. This new, patient-focused approach to healthcare is called Direct Primary Care, or concierge medicine.

Our Direct Primary Care Practice

Instead of using health insurance, our patients pay a membership fee that includes:


  • Longer Visits with Your Doctor
    • Traditional insurance-based doctor’s offices can only spend about 15 minutes per patient. We schedule an hour of time for you. This allows you plenty of time to discuss your health concerns and have any questions answered. Our doctor is ready to listen and truly invest in your well-being.
  • Clinic Visits Without Copays
    • We are a no-insurance doctor, meaning we have no copays or deductibles for our services. Our monthly membership fee covers up to 20 visits per year.
  • Same-Day or Next-Day Appointments
    • Think you may have sprained an ankle? Suddenly got a cut that needs stitches? Skip the hours of waiting in the crowded ER and call The Golden Stethoscope.
  • 24/7 Communication Access
    • Want to know if this is just a cold or you need to go to the ER in the middle of the night? You can call, text or email us anytime.
  • Same Day Phone Call Return
    • Have a question? If we don’t answer our phones right away, we’ll get back to you within the same day. Don’t feel like calling? We want to communicate in the way you prefer. We offer in-office visits, phone calls, text messages, emails and virtual visits to fit your needs.
  • Low Cost Laboratory Testing, Medications and Radiology
    • We will offer the best prices we can find on medications either from discount programs or wholesale. We also offer discounted cash prices for x-rays, MRIs and CT scans. Our goal is to keep your healthcare affordable.
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What to Expect at Our Membership Medical Practice

At our practice, you can expect shorter wait times to see your doctor. We value your time and work hard to maintain a timely schedule of appointments. We believe you should spend more time talking with your doctor than you do in the waiting room to see your doctor.

Compared to a typical insurance-based doctor’s office, our direct primary care practice has fewer patients, which means our doctor is more available to you. We schedule longer appointments to address your individualized care in a relaxed, non-rushed environment. Since we spend more time with each patient, our doctor really builds a relationship with you. She will even share her personal cell phone number, so that you can reach her when she isn’t at the office.

During your appointment, you can except to be heard. We want you to have an active role in your health, which is why we carefully listen to your concerns and desires. Together, you and your doctor will determine the best healthcare strategies for you.

We will also be open and upfront about any procedures that cost an additional fee outside of your monthly membership. There will be no surprise fees when you checkout after an appointment.

Direct Primary Care is similar to other alternative healthcare plans, including concierge medicine and boutique medicine. However, direct primary care is a more affordable option. Please keep in mind that because of our unique model, we do not accept insurance at our practice. This is because by removing third-party insurance, we can keep costs lower for you. Learn more about the services that we offer our patients for a simple, monthly fee.

Meet our Internal Medicine Physician

Doctor Amber Wobbekind MD, MPH

Doctor Amber Wobbekind, Direct Primary Care doctor at The Golden Stethoscope

I am a Colorado native and a graduate of the University of Colorado School of Medicine. After learning about a new healthcare model called concierge medicine, I decided I wanted to open a practice that catered equally well to patients’ needs, but at a lower price-point. My practice is a perfect balance between the elite services of concierge medicine and the affordability of direct primary care. I am excited to develop strong doctor-patient relationships with my patients to help them find solutions to their health needs.

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