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A new type of medicine where the patient comes first.

Our practice runs in a direct primary care model. This model is created to be focused on the patient. You may have heard of concierge or boutique medicine. Direct Primary Care is similar but puts those elite services in a more reasonable price range. Instead of being a number, you will be one of only 700 patients we admit to the clinic Once that number is reached, patients will be placed on a wait list until another patient leaves the practice.

The patient pays a single monthly fee

For this fee, the patient receives:

  • Access to your doctor nearly all the time– Want to know if this is just a cold or you need to go to the ER in the middle of the night?

  •  Suddenly got a cut that probably needs stitches?  Skip the hours of waiting in the crowded ER and call me instead.

  • Same day phone call return (generally within the hour)

  • Conversation with your doctor in the way you prefer as appropriate: in-office visits, phone calls, text messages, emails, virtual visits

  • Longer visits with your doctor than the traditional insurance-based office

  • Clinic visits without copays- up to 20 per year

  • Low cost laboratory testing (for some tests you won’t believe how low!)

  • The best prices we can find on medications either from discount programs or wholesale from the office

  • Discounted cash prices for x-rays, MRIs, CT scans

Meet the Doctor

Amber Wobbekind MD, MPH

I am a Colorado native fortunate enough to move to the Golden area in 2015.  I am loving living in the crook of the foothills with nature in our backyard.

Starting a Direct Primary Care practice is a dream come true for me.  I can’t wait to spend my time practicing medicine with patients in a way that is meaningful, preventative and goal-oriented.  I chose the name “The Golden Stethoscope” because it is really special to me.  I won a teaching award from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 2014 called The Golden Stethoscope Award.  I was nominated for this teaching award by my medical student, Amy.  You can see the framed copy of the letter Amy wrote for that award on my behalf in my office lobby.  When I moved to Golden in 2015 and decided to start a medical practice, I was instantly certain of the name I would choose.  I can think of no better name than the Golden Stethoscope to represent the outstanding level of care and commitment you will receive from me both rooted in the past and reaching out toward the future.

I love the direct primary care model of medicine because it gives us some awesome opportunities.  Together we can focus on what’s truly important: your health.  In current insurance-based doctors’ offices, a doctor doesn’t get paid unless you walk through the door for a visit.  Unfortunately, this creates a situation where

  • patients can’t talk to their doctors on a regular basis or outside regular office hours

  • patients have long wait times at the office

  • you feel are herded through the office when you finally get to see your doctor

  • you may feel like they don’t really have a personal relationship with your doctor


 Instead of focusing on how many visits I need to see you to keep my doors open and whether we should add another blood pressure medication to get your numbers just right for insurance reimbursement, we can focus together on keeping you healthy and happy.  You may choose to see me in the office but you may also email or text me blood pressure readings or a recent article you are interested in knowing more about.  Also, I am more interested in finding lifestyle changes that work for you rather than adding on another medication to meet health goals.

For those interested, I got my undergraduate degree in Psychobiology with a Minor in English from UCLA.  I returned to Colorado for medical school at University of Colorado School of Medicine.  I completed my primary care Internal Medicine residency at George Washington University in Washington, DC.  After residency, I returned to Colorado where I remotely completed my Masters in Public Health and Tropical Medicine training through Johns Hopkins University.

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